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  • MLM system

  • Education management system

  • CRM software

  • Hotel Booking sync system

  • Geolocation listing

Software development is a tricky & complicated business. It’s always been pretty easy to make a computer do something, but making it do the right thing, to specification, with high quality, fast enough, without breaking the other things it does is a big challenge. Many software development companies have searched for the silver bullet – the technology that will solve all these problems and more – but ultimately successful software development comes down to a few simple things:


• Get the exact know how about the requirement
• Have a team who understands customer needs exactly
• Ensure that everyone talks frequently to the users
• Get the low level design right
• Use quality pragmatic tools and processes
• Expect change, don’t try to avoid it. Solutions was founded as a software development company in 1998. We are very passionate about our work and would do everything to make software and applications which are unique and simple for our clients at best price.


Software Development
We are proud to have successfully completed software product design and implementation for a number of our clients. If you have a novel idea and intend to develop a web-based software product to then sell and license to the others, then we look forward to be your implementation and support partner.

We offer bespoke software design and development services to any organisation looking to make an improvement in one or multiple areas of their business. Bespoke software can solve the problems that no off-the-shelf package can. Also it is inherently in a position to provide the optimum solution since it is designed for a specific company and a specific need. At Prima we have developed many custom applications for our clients, each of which has made a big improvement in the business process it was aimed at.


Employees’ time is usually the most expensive and valuable asset in any organisation. The concept of Bespoke Software offers a unique opportunity to maximise the productivity of your staff, like nothing else in the business world can. By automating all repetitive work, eliminating duplications and making relevant information readily available to the users, Bespoke Software enables your employees to efficiently accomplish the task they were really recruited for, and leave everything else for the machine.


Responding to change is the key to success. No living organisation remains the same and unchanged over to create Bespoke Software specifically around your requirements in a way that it can be easily changed and adapted over time. This will allow you to focus on finding the best to evolve the organisation or your business unit with the peace of mind that your software infrastructure can flexibly be adapted to work with your new methods.

Are you searching for a team who can implement your Software project, in a way that you will never have to start again? We use the best methods discovered by man for designing maintainable software, and then artistically implement that with care and passion.

Have an idea? We’re here to help you manage your work

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